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Reports of the final days of World War Two in Europe paint vivid pictures of triumph and despair, compassion and cruelty. Canadian soldiers fighting to liberate Holland raced to deliver food parcels to a nation brought to the brink of starvation during the Nazi occupation. In April 1945, in the small town of Vlagtwedde, near the German border in north-eastern Holland, members of the North Nova Scotia Highlanders were astounded when an emaciated and sick woman approached them for help, claiming that, after nearly four years in Nazi prisons and camps, she had walked across Germany following a desperate and dramatic escape. Badly infected blisters on her bare feet were evidence of her three-week trek, but the soldiers were incredulous when she told them she was a Canadian - Mona Parsons from Wolfville, Nova Scotia
Mona Parsons Choose life and escaped the Vechta Prison during an Allied bombing raid
Mona Parsons
The warden, the former principal of the school, left the gates open and told the women they could take their chances with the Allied bombs or German bullets.
The Escape