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Mona Parsons was the only female Canadian civilian to be imprisoned by the Nazis in Occupied Holland. The story describes how Parsons, raised in rural Nova Scotia and trained as an actor, then a nurse, came to be involved in the nascent Dutch resistance in World War Two. Interrogated by the Gestapo, then sentenced to death by a Nazi military court, Parsons ultimately served three years at hard labour. An intense air attack by the Allies in March 1945 was the backdrop for her dramatic escape, aided by a young Dutch baroness. But freedom wasn't the end of her life's challenges. Author and actor Andria Hill is a graduate of Acadia University's Theatre Studies program. Co-founder of SarAndipity Theatre, she co-wrote The Bitterest Time, a play based on Parsons' life, and prepared a documentary on Parsons for History Television's The Canadians. Originally from Toronto, she now lives in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.
Mona Parsons Sentenced to Death
Mona Parsons
An unlikely war hero, Mona Parsons was sentenced to a Nazi prison camp for helping dozens of downed Allied airmen escape (courtesy Andria Hill).